Chasing my friend’s SkyWalker around with my Popwing

New personal best distance flight. 8.1 Miles!

I’ve been falling in love with the skywalker platform, this puppy was just built for distance runs.  I used 2x 5000mAh 4s packs for this flight.


Probably My Favorite Flight To Date


Took the skywalker out for a day of testing and wound up hitting some clouds. Enjoy 😀

Skylark Dianmu OSD Testing Update

I’ve had time to log a few flights with the new Skylark Dianmu OSD and I’m really loving the stabilization feature and the RTH worked out of the box.  Here is a narrated flight I did for skylark showing off my current settings and testing rth and complete control failure.  Still need to tweak the roll gain setting a bit, but it’s already looking great!

Skylark Dianmu OSD arrived for testing!


Skylark sent a few of these out to testers and I was lucky enough to get one for testing/review.  The spec sheet and the bench testing I’ve done with it are pretty impressive so far.  It has a built in 5v and 12v power supply capable of 2A max current…plenty to power a vtx and camera.  This is a wonderful addition to those powering 12v equipment from a 4S+ power setup and eliminates the need for a step-down voltage regulator.

I have yet to fly it, but have it installed and working in the SkyWalker now and can’t wait to try out the stabilization.  Look for the maiden flights with both of them soon!

Skylark Dianmu OSD


Picked up a used SkyWalker


I’ve been wanting a SkyWalker for some time now, but since money has been tight I haven’t been able to afford one.  That is until a friend of mine offered me his old one complete with servos, motor, and LED’s for a great price.  Thanks Michael!  I did pick up two 4cell 5000mAh packs for it @$22 each from HK, but I already had the rest of the parts.  It’s currently on the bench and should be airborne in a couple days.  Stay Tuned!

Finally built a quad.

So, after my friend Keith ordered a quad from RCTimer, it got me thinking about building one up since I already had most of the parts laying around.  I ended up scrapping one together with a couple borrowed ESC’s and props.  Hit the jump to find out how it’s configured and see some flight footage:


Threw the GoPro on my FPV Slow Stick

My GoPro was sitting around collecting dust after I dismantled my DeepReaper, so I thought I’d let it get some flying time in on the slow stick.  I’m really liking this setup and having a lot of fun!

The FPV setup is a little different than before.  I did have a 300mW racewood on it, but have swapped it out for a 1W 1258 vtx prototype I had laying around after doing the testing on that.  It’s also got a Flytron inverted V on it now.  The gopro is hung upside down right at CG and the live out is used.


FPV Slow Stick Back in Action!

I put this plane back together for a friend of mine to try out FPV and decided I’d have a go too.  I really like flying it around.


FPV PopWing

I finally got my FPV PopWing in the air and have been having a ton of fun flying it around.  I have to say it has been the most fun I’ve ever had flying FPV.


TechOne PopWing

  • Turningy 2826-6 2200kv motor
  • ExceedRC Proton 30A ESC
  • HobbyWing 3A Ubec
  • APC 6×5.5e prop
  • RangeLink UHF RX
  • pz0420 camera
  • Skylark Tiny III osd (prototype)
  • ReadyMadeRC 200mW 1258/1280 vtx prototype (pictures show a 2.4Ghz foxtech unit)




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