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  • Harlen
    #1 written by Harlen 5 years ago

    Great site Pat. I’m hoping to maiden my old Easystar this weekend. Got any suggestions?

    • Pat
      #2 written by Pat 5 years ago

      Hey Harlen, thanks for visiting. The biggest thing with an EZ* is to make sure your cg is correct. It seems like those just fly themselves now, but in reality I crashed mine countless times when I started.

      You didn’t mention if you were going to FPV maiden it or not, if so the same rules apply. Make sure you’re in a familiar spot, you know which direction the wind is coming from and double check your control surfaces beforehand. Give it 1/2 to 3/4 throttle and chuck it in the air. I always launch LOS, then will make a circuit and “goggle up” once I have a little altitude. From there on out, it’s just like a video game.

      If it is in fact your first FPV flight, it is very important to have a spotter. If no other RC pilots are around, a buddy who listens to you can help. Just make sure to tell them to always keep their eyes on the plane.

      I wish you well and that I’ve given you at least a little bit of advice.

  • Dave
    #3 written by Dave 5 years ago

    Hi Pat,

    Love your site! I’m thinking of putting a Popwing together for FPV and was wondering what motor you like for yours. I’ve got a spare motor for my Zeph sitting around, but that might be overkill… 😉

    Take care,

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