My planes.

DTSOT: She Flies!!!


DTSOT – (Dollar Tree Spec Ops Transport) Foamboard Cargo Plane :)


After seeing Ed’s videos (ExperimentalAirlines) on youtube, I’ve been wanting to make something similar to his cargo planes using his technique of using only dollar tree foam presentation boards and packing tape to make the plane.  This is my version of it so far.

FPV Slow Stick


Here’s a plane I built after seeing my friend Keith’s videos flying one of these.  It just looked like a lot of fun!  After flying this one many times, I can tell you that it’s a blast!  You’re limited to flying in light winds, but with the addition of ailerons and plenty of power on tap it can handle steady winds of 15mph.  Just don’t let it get too far downwind or you may get into trouble trying to bring it back.



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My Bixler


This is the plane that most of my videos are shot with at the moment.  I really like this airframe for FPV.  While the foam may not be as nice as Multiplex foam, the benefits of the Bixler (aka Sky Surfer V1) are many.  It has ailerons from the factory and more importantly…has much more room inside for FPV gear.

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