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Skylark Dianmu OSD Testing Update

I’ve had time to log a few flights with the new Skylark Dianmu OSD and I’m really loving the stabilization feature and the RTH worked out of the box.  Here is a narrated flight I did for skylark showing off my current settings and testing rth and complete control failure.  Still need to tweak the roll gain setting a bit, but it’s already looking great!

OSD Current/Voltage Sensor Calibration Jig


This is a fairly simple Jig to make that will simplify things when you go to calibrate your OSD’s current and calibration readings.  All it consists of is a piece of G10 fiberglass with 3 holes drilled in it, some 4mm banana jacks, some wire, and two connectors.

Since almost all multi-meters use 4mm plugs, you can either make your own jumpers or use standard jumpers.

The meter is placed in series with the high side (red wires) for current sensor calibration, and in parallel for voltage calibration.  A jumper is used to bridge the gap in the red wires while calibrating voltage.

Click here to read my friend Keith’s instructions on calibrating a Skylark Tiny II current/voltage sensor.

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