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New personal best distance flight. 8.1 Miles!

I’ve been falling in love with the skywalker platform, this puppy was just built for distance runs.  I used 2x 5000mAh 4s packs for this flight.


Finally built a quad.

So, after my friend Keith ordered a quad from RCTimer, it got me thinking about building one up since I already had most of the parts laying around.  I ended up scrapping one together with a couple borrowed ESC’s and props.  Hit the jump to find out how it’s configured and see some flight footage:


Threw the GoPro on my FPV Slow Stick

My GoPro was sitting around collecting dust after I dismantled my DeepReaper, so I thought I’d let it get some flying time in on the slow stick.  I’m really liking this setup and having a lot of fun!

The FPV setup is a little different than before.  I did have a 300mW racewood on it, but have swapped it out for a 1W 1258 vtx prototype I had laying around after doing the testing on that.  It’s also got a Flytron inverted V on it now.  The gopro is hung upside down right at CG and the live out is used.


FPV Slow Stick Back in Action!

I put this plane back together for a friend of mine to try out FPV and decided I’d have a go too.  I really like flying it around.


Deep Reaper XL FPV Maiden


Got a chance to fly the Deep Reaper XL with FPV gear for the first time this weekend.  Went pretty well considering the wind. -Pat


DTSOT: She Flies!!!




I was out beta testing some new RangeLink firmware and decided to have a little fun while burning off the rest of the battery pack.  This is the video from that session…..enjoy.   -Pat


First flight to the clouds!


I’ve been wanting to get up to the clouds for quite a while now, I was finally able to reach my goal.


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