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  • Mark TexasClouds
    #1 written by Mark TexasClouds 5 years ago

    Hey what are your thoughts about FPV goggles and monitors? I’m using a 8″ portable dvd player to fly my FPV heli right now. Would a 19″ computer monitor just make a big, grainy image? What are the best goggles? Thanks, Mark

    • Pat
      #2 written by Pat 5 years ago

      Hey Mark! If you found a decent 19″ computer monitor with a 4:3 aspect ratio and it will go to full static with no blue screen, then it would be excellent for FPV provided you could block the glare from the sun. As far as goggles go, I fly with the fatshark base edition, and it has a wider aspect ratio and I feel like I’m in the action. The text from my osd at the edges is harder to read though when compared to the Fatshark dominators. The dominators seem like you’re sitting a few feet away from a 42″ tv or so.

  • Tony
    #3 written by Tony 5 years ago

    Hey, I too use the rangelink and until recently would have 98 to 100% at 2 miles . Not certain it is related to the FW updates or not but nothing else has changes in my set up. In your last video I noticed you were in the 60% range at just a little over a mile. Has yours always been like that. Did you yours change after a FW update ? What % do you think it safe to run it to?

    • Pat
      #4 written by Pat 5 years ago

      Hey Tony,

      Before the firmware update, you were seeing packet % received. Now it shows true rssi signal strength. True rssi gives a much better indication of range than packet %. Below 30% I’d be nervous, but it may still be getting 100% packets at that distance. If you would like to go back to the packet % displayed, you can do that now by flipping the mode switch to high while in the advanced binding process. It’s useful when in urban environments with lots of external interference sources.

      The reason we pushed for true rssi is that the packet % rssi indicator is more like an on off switch than an indication of range.


  • Zach
    #5 written by Zach 5 years ago

    Hey Pat, I wanted to contact you in private but I can’t find an email address listed. I’ve been working on a search engine for RC components as a side project and I thought you might be interested.

    I don’t want to spam your comments, but if you are interested shoot me an email and I’ll send you the details. Thanks!


  • wil
    #6 written by wil 4 years ago

    Hello, Just found this site and really enjoyed the videos. I seems you like this Radio system instead of the Dragon. I have been shopping a while and looking for the best for the $$. My other issue is the Video equipment that can offer the same distance as the radio transmitter system. This is where I get sorta lost. Any tips for this equipment or ways to make this easier.? Thanks Wil

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