FPV Slow Stick

Here’s a plane I built after seeing my friend Keith’s videos flying one of these.  It just looked like a lot of fun!  After flying this one many times, I can tell you that it’s a blast!  You’re limited to flying in light winds, but with the addition of ailerons and plenty of power on tap it can handle steady winds of 15mph.  Just don’t let it get too far downwind or you may get into trouble trying to bring it back.



I did pull the FPV gear off of this one to complete my Bixler, but I am gathering parts to get this bird back up in the air.

Here is my configuration:


  • GWS Slow Stick
  • Exceed RC Rocket 2215-1050kv
  • Exceed RC Proton 30A ESC
  • Castle Creations 10A SBEC
  • HXT900’s on all surfaces
  • Gens Ace 25C 2200mAh 3s Lipo
  • Corona 72Mhz RP8D1
  • Millennium RC motor mount and x-gear
  • APC 10×4.7SF

FPV Equipment on Plane:

  • PZ0420 Camera (Also use gopro hung at CG)
  • ReadymadeRC 300mW 1280tx
  • Stock Whip antenna
  • Zippy 3S 500mAh Lipo (Now use L-C filter)
  • HK L Size Pan/Tilt with HXT900’s
  • Servos modded for 160degrees rotation



Videos Made With This Plane:




  • andres
    #1 written by andres 4 years ago

    puedo construir un slow stick con el motor legend rc 2000 kv 2008 y que medidas tiene la barilla de carbono

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