Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with RangeLink or Sid Huang.  This page was created because I am very pleased with the results I have had so far and the world class support Sid has given me.   -Pat

The entire RangeLink feature set can be viewed on Sid.Huang’s blog on RC Groups.


  1. Robust FHSS Link.
  2. UHF ISM Band 433MHZ (431-435MHZ).
  3. Two position RF power switch ~ Low power (200mW) ~ High power (500mW).
  4. Headtracker input ~ adds head-tracker compatibility to most radios.
  5. PPM input ~ ensures compatibility with 3.3v thru 12.0v PPM levels.
  6. Single pushbutton range test mode or failsafe settings mode.
  7. Flexible binding function and supports MultiMaster mode.
  8. TTL UART for firmware upgrades.
  9. RangeLink Transmitter Built-in LPF( 900-1300MHZ rejection Loss over 45dB,2.4GHZ band rejection Loss over 40dB).
  10. RangeLink Receiver Built-in SAW band pass filter.
  11. Failsafe Cancellable ~ useful for MK Failsafe detector.
  12. RangeLink Transmitter 7-13 VDC, 80×64×24mm , 125g
  13. a) high power mode 500mW 12V@180mA
  14. b) low power mode 200mW 12V@120mA
  15. c) micro power mode < 1mW 12V@50mA
  16. RangeLink Receiver 4.8-6 VDC (Recommend 5V), 40×26×12mm , 18g
  17. 12CH PWM Output(all channel 9bit solution)
  18. RSSI Buffered 0-3.2V
  19. PPM Signal Output
  20. Sensitivity: -115dBm

As of this moment, RangeLink can only be purchased from Sid directly by contacting him via his email address on the aforementioned page.


Here is what you get for your $225 with free shipping:

Package contents:

  • RangeLink UHF transmitter
  • Sticker for control box (Yellow rectangle)
  • Transmitter antenna
  • 12 CH Receiver with antenna
  • ppm & ht pigtails (not pictured)
  • plug and play cable (by request)


So far I have been 4.25 miles out with no glitches whatsoever when using this set.  It gives me the confidence to go higher and further than ever before.  If you’re in the market for a LRS, I suggest you check it out and compare the features of RangeLink vs. the other brands.


Firmware update release 3 included selectable RF RSSI or Link Quality RSSI.

To change between the two:

Make rangelink tx enter advanced binding mode, first beep end:
Set the two ways switch position
high power mode ==> link quality indicator
low power mode ==> rf rssi indicator


Here are some helpful links:

Official RangeLink thread on RC Groups

Sid.Huang’s blog on RC Groups

RangeLink Manual 1.4

FlashLink firmware update tool  (instructions written by me)

Latest Firmware (Release 3) Use WinRar to Unzip


My 4.25 mile flight flown with RangeLink:


  • Federico
    #1 written by Federico 5 years ago

    Hallo have you a diagram theatre shows the wireless diagram from USB tool to rx or tx??
    Many thanks i cant update the firmware

  • mike
    #2 written by mike 3 years ago

    im trying to update the firmware with this adapter: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161159587489?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

    but it keeps saying device not found in flashlinkprj

    • Pat
      #3 written by Pat 3 years ago

      What OS do you have on your computer? Have you tried running the program as administrator? I have problems with some of those programmers and windows 8.

  • mike
    #4 written by mike 3 years ago

    windows 7. and yea i’ve tried that and still nothing. it does the same with the RX and TX even though I have the correct driver and everything. and when i try to bind my RX and TX i cant get them to communicate, the LED on my RX stays solid and i get no response on any channels

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